Liko’s world of fashion is a mixture of colors, imagination and deep creativity, turning each design into a unique artwork that reflects above and beyond its literal meaning.

Our Vision is to establish a fashion brand with a global footprint that amplifies the creativity of people and designers together.

Liko’s line of clothing is another way of showing Liko’s artistic and design language which can be adapted to any existing symbole, logo, element, well-known character or anything you can imagine.

What we’re adding to that uniqueness is a platform for young artists to participate in designs, production and earnings from profits and royalties. We invite artists from all over the spectrum of art, “if you can imagine, you’re already an artist…” Wolff.

We started working with established brands, some even global, on upcoming designs that will hit the markets soon on their platform. Demonstrating the unique versatility of Liko.

With our commitment to access, all of Liko fashion products will be available both on the physical stores and online. Payments will be available in either traditional methods and our LikoCoins.

Come join us and be part of of an ever growing brand which contains beautiful fashion and much much more.



WOLFF is not only a talented artist, he’s also an extremely talented industrial designer. His design experience and knowledge, along with a fresh point of view, takes Liko into a new world of beautiful products and merchandise. Soon we’ll reveal how WOLFF has imagined and designed Liko into a great selection of products: Modern pieces of furniture, a variety of appliances, such as coffee machines, lamps, and much much more.
By Q4 2022 we will launch our first merchandise line of Liko Dolls, bringing Liko from the virtual world to your homes. After this initial launch, we plan to move forward and introduce more exciting products to the whole world!


The Game

The Gaming realm is the one place where players can free their imagination and Liko will endlessly and wildly transform. We’ve created the perfect game for Liko to share its colorful, diverse world through fun, adventure, creativity and good old action. This game will allow you to explore the mind of WOLFF and be part of a new experience of gaming. To make it the best it can be, we are looking for the right gaming company to partner up with and start shaping our ideas into reality.
Stay tuned, we promise to constantly update the community with our progress.


The Liko Show

The main goal of the entertainment world is to obviously entertain. Our vision goes beyond - We aim to focus and create a TV series that will not only be entertaining, but will also have an added value for the people watching it. Our ambition is to overcome the bridge between older and younger generations using Liko’s show, which is going to be fun and playful, yet extremely intellectual. Just like Liko is. We know it’s still a bit vague, but just wait and see. We’ll soon show our community and the rest of the world how a TV series can be all in one: Entertaining, fun, challenging, intellectual and actually contributing to our own personal growth as people, whether young or old.
Curious enough? You have all the reasons to be.