We, the new generation entrepreneurs, finally understand the KEYS TO SUCCESS, and more specifically: The key factors for a SUCCESSFUL GLOBAL BRAND DEVELOPMENT!

1st Key to SuccessACCESS

Liko’s point of view is that giving access to everyone involved from day one is crucial! We want you to be able to be part, to make an impact, to sell, distribute and most importantly- Earn money from real businesses you’re involved in!

2nd Key to Success - FREEDOM TO OPERATE

This fundamental value will allow the entire community to be involved in more than one business. In other words, you will be able to take part in as many business opportunities as you like.

Get Your Access Keys. What keys should you get in order to join? We created 3 key categories for you, of access and involvement in the company:

Fashion Key allows you to become an official retailer of the Liko’s Fashion Brand and run your own B2C store.

Investor’s Key – enjoy a daily drop of our community token, the LikoCoin.

Dolls and Merchandise Key – allows you to become an official distributer of Liko’s Dolls and Merchandise and run your own B2B/B2C business.

There’re 800 keys from each category, make sure you get your before it’s too late!


All our keys are made as unique NFTs. However, Liko’s NFTs have much more than just artistic value. They also hold an actual financial business value, as they represent real rights of distribution and retail of physical goods in the real world.

It’s extremely important for us that you, the businesspeople of the new generation, will get your Access Keys first, before anyone else. Therefore, we uniquely created an organized structure for you to get them:

July 17th - It’s On the House –

3,500 Keys will be provided for FREE ! you’ll be able to MINT them on our website or find them afterwards on the Opensea. These keys are ESSENTIAL Keys, you MUST have one of them to unlock any of the category keys.

Aug 4th - 1st Category: The Fashionable Choice

800 keys of Fashion retailers will be sold on our website and afterwards on OpenSea at 0.1ETH. Apart from Liko’s Fashion retailing rights, you’ll also receive one Limited Edition T-Shirt, made especially for our retailers’ community!

Aug 22h - 2nd Category: Passive Aggressive

800 Keys for passive investors will be sold on our website and afterwards on opensea at 0.1ETH. Once this key is unlocked, you’ll receive 1,111 LikoCoins to start with and 33 coins per day for the next 1,500 days!

The LikoCoins starting value on Uniswap will be $0.01.

Sep 9th - 3rd Category: Dollface

800 keys for Dolls and Merchandise distributors will be sold on our website and afterwards on OpenSea at 0.1ETH. Apart from the retailing rights, you’ll also receive one Limited Edition Doll, made especially for our retailers’ community!


Passive Investors Key Access

Those 800 keys enjoy a daily drop of LikoCoins. The main usages planned for LikoCoin is consuming of physical items on our store and to exclusively buy future Access Keys.

We initiated a monthly buyback of the token from the market by the company, utilized the following funds:
- 30% from all sales income of Access Keys
- 5% from the volume trade of the Access Keys
- 30% from the net profit of the holding company


KEYS Materials & Texture

Our keys collection was made to feel and look realistic. In order to make it so, Wolff invested a great deal of thought into its design, intentionally choosing to emphasize colors, materials and textures borrowed from the world of product-design.